Sailor’s Journals, Part 10: Wisdom

If you don’t read anything else, skip to the end and read the extended quotations about Heathen — and mortality and music. 

These are a few of the passages from Sailor’s Journals I found particularly affecting. Some I have written about before.

On Grief & Empathy: One of the very earliest entries, 9/4/1998, was posted two days following the crash of  Swiss Air 111, a route Bowie used to travel from New York to Geneva. He commented on the mood at JFK International Airport:

“There has been enough sadness in my life for me to at least measure the depth of grief the surviving families must be suffocating in.”

On Love: A beautiful tribute appears on October 14, 1998, the anniversary of the first time he met Iman.

We’ve so grown into our love that I think we both feel that we’ve also grown up. And the feeling that our relationship being so joyous that we’re getting away with something has transformed into the realization that despite all odds we actually were meant to find each other. Hey, gentle vanities are the domain of the older man. Darling Iman, I can’t imagine life without you. I’m reluctantly grateful that I hadn’t known you before as I know I would have lost the best, most stabilizing thing in my life. I was a dumb guy for many years but I’m only stupid now. I love you. Happy anniversary.

On Music: November 27, 1998, Bowie was sorting his piles and came across this:

“What the music says may be serious, but as a medium it should not be questioned, analyzed, or taken so seriously. I think it should be tarted up, made into a prostitute, a parody of itself. It should be the clown, the Pierrot medium. The music is the mask the message wears – music is the Pierrot and I, the performer, am the message.’ Los Angeles Feb 1971. This was printed in Rolling Stone in April of that year. That was said nearly 28 years ago, and I really don’t think my approach to music has altered very much at all. What say you?”

The journal entries for December 20 to 26, 1998, “The Early Ears,” recall Bowie’s earliest musical memories, as well as the slow erosion of spirit that comes with a mother’s litany of, had it not been for you, my life would have been so much better. See [No Longer] Crashing in the Same Car: Mothers. 

The first two posts in this index list the songs and artists mentioned here. Use your Find function for dates 12/20/98, 12/22/98/ 12/23/98, and 12/26/98.

On the Potential of the Internet: Bowie posted this September 8, 1999. He introduces the entry by saying he  “dropped a really obvious mistake into my speech for the benefit of the press, but, so far not one report has noted it!!!” [There are two good answers, the most obvious being that the “man is born free” quotation is Rousseau’s; the other is that although born in England, Paine was a Revolutionist in the War of Independence. Likely a deliberate mistake about a deliberate mistake: how Bowie!]

…I’m delighted to be here with everyone to give some profile to Net Aid. The existence of any one of the so-called ‘pillars of poverty’ creates walls. And these walls create, not a certainty of security and comfort, but a prison. Both psychological and real.
The English radical Thomas Paine wrote: “Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains.” It’s stupefying that 200 years later those words are still applicable. And stupefying is, unfortunately, the appropriate word here. We so often feel incapable of contributing to our future world. All this, it seems, is in the hands of others.
     That is why I’m so enthusiastic about the involvement of the internet in such an event as this. Because here is a positive initiative that can be accessed by all. Apart from the obvious streams of constant information, you’ll be able to link direct with agencies and charities.
     Stricken communities will be able to advertise for urgent requirements, a water pump say, or particular medical supplies. And if you’ve got ’em you can act.
     Suppliers of commodities will be able to talk one-on-one with sales outlets, cutting out the middle man. A signature ability of the Net and a positive sign of things to come.

Becoming-Being-Surviving: Finally, three passages on the creation of Heathen.  From October 2001 to May 2002, Bowie discusses the making of this album at Allaire Studios (formerly Glen Tonche), not far from Woodstock, NY. There is a lot about the writing and recording of the songs, and many pictures, but these passages were the ones I found, especially from the viewpoint of 2017, the most moving of the journals. They are also the last of any substance.

5/14/02 [The studio is]  just outside of Woodstock, remote, silent and inspirational. We couldn’t believe what a find it was.
I just knew exactly what lyrics I was to write as I stepped into the room although I didn’t yet know what the words themselves were.
Now someplace like that can set me off two ways. I either get super euphoric or darkly depressive, misery being my default position. My soul flies erratically on the wings of what I would imagine is a feeble bi-polarism. Not the all out kind. I’ve encountered that and I’m not  that. However, something akin to that brushes past me in my quietest hours.
5/15/02: One reads about encountering epiphany, a Damascene experience. Giddy at the tranquility and the pure gravitas of the place, everything that I had written became galvanized somehow, into an unwavering focus.  

5/24/02: I didn’t like writing Heathen. There was something so ominous and final about it. …  these words were just streaming out and there were tears running down my face. But I couldn’t stop, they just flew out. It’s an odd feeling, like something else is guiding you, although forcing your hand is more like it.

On the other hand, what I like my music to do to me is awaken the ghosts inside of me. Not the demons, you understand, but the ghosts. There, I’m using that old language again. I don’t believe in demons. I don’t think there is such a thing. Or evil. I don’t believe in some force outside of ourselves that creates bad things. I just think of it as all dysfunctionalism of one kind or another. No satan, no devil. We create so many circles on this straight line we’re told we’re traveling. The truth of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time. 

5/27/02: For the purposes of this album, Heathenism is a state of mind. You can take it that I’m referring to one who does not see his world. He has no mental light. He destroys almost unwittingly. He cannot feel any Gods presence in his life. He is the 21st century man. However, there is no direct theme or concept behind Heathen, just a number of songs, but somehow there is a thread that runs through it that is quite as strong as any of my thematic type albums.  . . .

I had to resign myself, many years ago, that I’m not too articulate when it comes to explaining how I feel about things. But my music does it for me, it really does. There, in the chords and melodies, is everything I want to say. The words just jolly it along. It’s always been my way of expressing what for me is inexpressible by any other means.
What is very enlightening for me right now is that I sense that I’m arriving at a place of peace with my writing that I’ve never experienced before. I think I’m going to be writing some of the most worthwhile things that I’ve ever written in the coming years. I’m very confident and trusting in my abilities right now. But I’ve got to think of myself as the luckiest guy. Robert Johnson only had one albums worth of work as his legacy. That’s all that life allowed him.


Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 9: Others

Good categorization means everything has one place and only one. I could break this out into musical instruments and historical events and a few other things. Instead, at this point I am content with Others. So ends the series on Sailor’s Journals

9/11,  5/17/02
Absolut Secret, 8/15/99
Ask David, 6/16/99, 3/5/01

Atlantis V Avatar, 10/29/00
Bassman’s site, 8/31/98
Bill T. Jones Dance Co., 9/30/99
Bowienet [B-net], 8/23/98, 8/31/98;  9/21/99,10/21/99; 1/26/00, 5/9/00; 1/9/01, 4/10/01
Cisco, 9/8/99
Collaboration with other musicians, 5/21/02
Crawl Radio (RadioDaDa), 3/5/01
Decca, 4/19/04
EMS ASKS synth, 5/22/02
Eye-Popper Award,9/26/99
Fender, 5/10/00

Glam, 1/17/01
Hurricane Bonnie 8/23-24/98; 8/28/98
Inferno Records, 10/29/00

Internet, potential of 10/8/99
Jones, Tom as name, 4/16/01

Mercury Records, 5/17/02
Metropolitan Museum  Rn’R Costume, 12/16/99

MAC 12/15/98
Moog Synthesizer, 10/29/98
NetAid, 10/8/99
Netmedia 8/31/98
New York City Police Department, 1/17/00
Nintendo 64 game Fighting Force 64, 8/28/98
Omikron, 5/17/99

ProTools, 5/16/02
Red telephone box [Ziggy], 9/22/98
Rolling Stone Online, 3/6/99
Scurry football club, 7/12/99
Steinberger GL, 5/10/00
Stylaphone, 10/11/00,, 5/22/02
Swiss Air, 9/4/98
Takamine 12-string, 5/10/00
‘Take Home A Nude’ auction, 5/4/00, 9/24/00

Teenage Wildlife, 8/25/98; 8/31/98, 1/27/00
Theremin, 5/22/02
Wimps, 2/23/00

Wonderworld (Bowie Diaries), 8/25/98
World tour, 5/27/02 vs. 11/5/02
Zappy (machine), 7/4/01

Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 8: People

Some of these people who I couldn’t figure out where to place likely belong elsewhere; suggestions welcomed.

Ali, Muhammad, 2/18/99
Alomar, Robin, 8/16/99
Barnett, Angela, 11/21/98
Bassman (web site), 8/30/1998

Blair, Tony [and Cherie], 9/5/98
Blam, 2/23/00, 6/6/00, 6/8/00
Blammo, 1/27/00
Bryan, Toni, 9/21/99

Burns, Grandma, 9/6/98

Burns, Heywood, 12/20/98, 12/22/98, 12/23/98 [father]
Burns, Margaret, 12/20/98, 12/22/98, 12/23/98 [mother]
Burns, Terry, 11/5/00 [half-brother]

Cardinal John, 5/9/00
Clearmountain, Bob, 10/29/01 [sound engineer] 

Coco, 9/5/98; 9/8/98; 9/17/98, 10/29/98; 1/29/99, 3/1/99, 6/14/99, 8/16/99; 1/24/00, 5/9/00, 5/16/00, 9/24/00, 9/28/00; 10/15/01

Diallo, Amadou, 1/17/00
Eubank Chris, 2/18/99 [boxer]
Evan Tommy, 3/12/99,  1/27/00 [of Teenage Wildlife]

Farr, Tommy, 10/29/00 [boxer]
Fontaine, Del, 10/29/00 [boxer]
Ford, Tom, 9/14/98 [fashion designer]
Goebbels, Joseph, 1/25/00

Goodier, Mark, 9/11/98  DJ and radio producer
Gore, Al, 12/6/00

Giuliani, Rudy, [Mayor NYC], 9/27/99
Guggenheim, Eileen, 9/24/00
Heartfield, John, 2/20/99
Hepcat Jim (Foetus), 5/16/00
Howard, 8/16/99

Iman, 8/28/98, 9/5-6/98; 9/8/98; 10/14/98, 3/29/99; 5/17/99, 6/14/99; 7/9/99, 9/21/99, 9/27/99, 9/29/99, 8/16/00, 9/24/00, 2/8/01, 10/15/01

Jones, Alexandra, 2/14/00 (reveals on the way), 8/16/00, 10/13/00 (Alex), 1/2/01, 1/9/01
[Lexi], 2/8/01 [Alex], 4.4.44/7/01; 11/5/02; 2/7/03. [It took a while for her parents to decide between Alex and Lexi!]

Jones, Duncan, 8/28/98 1/1/99, 3/1/99 [Joe],  7/30/00; 8/8/99, 9/28/99, 12/16/99 [in 1998,   Bowie’s son went by Joe (formerly Joey, Zowie) but then settled on Duncan]

Kinder [bowiewonderworld], 11/9/98
King, Martin Luther Jr., 1/17/00
Lazar, Emily, 4/12/02 (audio engineer)
Listwin, Don, 9/8/99 (philanthropist)
McEnroe, John, 9/28/99

Octobriana, 2/11/00
Paul of LittleWonderWorld, 1/27/00

Phipps, David, 2/26/99
Prejean, Sr. Helen, 1/17/00
Ravitz, Mark, 2/20/99
Ritts, Herb, 7/9/99

Schwab, Coco. See Coco.
Schwitters, Kurt, 2/20/99
Scott, Giles Gilbert, 9/22/98
Serota, Nicholas, 9/22/98

Smith, Paul, 9/27/99
Sulton, Arthur, 2/9/01

Teddy [matchmaker], 5/17/99
Torn, Isaiah, 10/21/01
Uncle Floyd, 5/25/02

Wemp, 1/31/00
Williams, Glynn, 8/15/99
Z. (daughter), 12/16/99 [This is Iman’s daughter from a previous marriage. Bowie calls her Z in the Journals, so I will too.]

Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 7: Performances. And a Caveat.

Sailor’s Journals may seem voluminous from this series of posts. It is not. If you read it straight through it might take 3 hours. So say 6 to write. Six hours of journaling in the 69 years of such a complex man as Bowie simply is not much at all. Like a single cell in the body, perhaps.

This is such a strange little project I undertook. So much that was going on is not here. Take, for example, Bowie’s starring role in Mr. Rice’s Secret, recorded in 1998 and released in 2000. Not here. Even if you decide, OK, Sailor’s Journals was his means of lending support to artists and musicians, where’s Arcade Fire? He was one of their earliest enthusiasts.

One answer: Sailor’s Journals was available only for viewing by bowienet subscribers. And, I believe, Bowie did heartily endorse Arcade Fire elsewhere. But again, these indexes are nearly comical to me. Now, if I did it for every print article….

As I mentioned at the start of these posts, I chose not to index the material not written by Bowie. Thus, this does not include the coverage of the Roseland concerts for June 16 and 19, 2000, chronicled by bowienetter Blammo from June 14, 2000 to July 12, 2000.

1980 Floor Show, 2/11/00; 4/4/03
1996 Phoenix Festival–1996, 9/16/98
A&E Biography, 2/8/01, 2/9/01
Brit Awards, 2/18/99
Concert for NYC, 2/05/03
Concert for Tibet House, 2/26/03, 2/28/03
Glastonbury Festival, 5/17/00

Libro Music Hall in Vienna, Austria, 9/23/99
Meltdown London, 2/15/01
Meltdown Madison Square, 4/10/02
Much Music, 9/21/99, 9/26/99
NetAid, 9/8/99
Radio 1’s Dave Pearce Dance Anthems Show, 10/29/00
Reality Tour, 4/12/04
Roseland 2000, 5/25/00; 6/2/00, 6/6/00, 6/8/00; 4/10/02
Serious Moonlight, 9/27/99
VH1, 10/19/01
VHS Storytellers, 7/8/99,  8/16/99
Ziggy Stardust, 2/11/00

I’m almost done. Just left are people who don’t fit elsewhere and miscellaneous.

Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 6: Film & Actors

Actors, Directors, Films, Plays, Videos, Television

Allen, Woody, 6/2/00
Alive, 12/6/00
American Beauty, 9/23/99
Bamboozled, 10/1/00, 10/8/00
Barrymore, Drew, , 7/21/03
Bernhard, Sandra, 11/15/98
Blair Witch Project, 8/8/99

Blue Room, The,  10/29/98
Blue Velvet, 11/9/98
Bush, Kate, 1/31/00

Cherry Vanilla, 8/25/98
Clockwork Orange, 2/11/00
Dead Man Walking, 1/17/00
Dean, Jimmy, 5/17/99
Dene, Terry, 4/19/04
Ellen, 4/19/04

Enemy of the State, 3/1/99
Eshetu, Theo, 1/31/00
Eurythmics Live by Request, 1/20/00

Everybody Loves Sunshine, 9/12/98, 9/14/98
Fallon, Jimmy, 9/26/06

Friends, 6/16/99
Gere, Richard, 2/5/03
Glen, Iain, 10/29/98
Golden Disc, The, 4/19/04

Goldie, 9/12/98
Great Rock And Roll Swindle, 9/8/98

Hans Christian Anderson, 12/23/98
Hedwig, 11/15/98
Hunger series, 2/26/99, 3/1/99, 3/29/99, 5/17/99
Ice Storm, 9/23/99
Idle, Eric, 9/28/99, 2/9/01
Izzard. Eddie, 11/9/98
John (producer), 10/4/00
Judd, Donald, 3/1/99
Kemp, Lindsay, 1/31/00
Kidman, Nicole,10/29/98
Lang, Fritz, 1/1/99

Last Temptation of Christ, 6/14/99
Lear, Amanda, 2/11/00
Lee, Spike, 10/1/00
Leigh, Jennifer Jason, 10/15/01

Leno, Jay, 4/19/04
“Life on Mars” Discovery Channel, 7/21/03
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, 9/7/98

M, 9/29/99
Madame Butterfly, 9/26/06
Martin, Steve, 9/29/99

Micheals, Lorne, 9/28/99
Moran, Nick, 9/8/98, 9/14/98

Pork, 8/25/98
Robbins, Tim,  1/17/00; 9/26/06

Rock, Chris, 9/27/99
Rockit (Herbie Hancock video), 10/29/98
Run, Lola, Run, 8/8/99
Ruttles 2, 2/8,9/01
Sarandon, Susan, 9/30/99, 1/13/00, 1/17/00; 9/26/06
Saturday Night Live, 1/23/99, 2/20/99;  9/28/99; 9/26/06

Schnabel, Julian, 11/15/98;10/4/00
Schreiber, Liev,  9/26/06
Scorsese, Martin, 6/14/99
Scott, Tony,  2/26/99,  3/29/99, 5/17/99

Seinfeld, Jerry, 9/26/99
Spongebob Squarepants, 10/05/06
Small Time Crooks, 6/2/00
Stanton, Harry Dean, 6/14/99
Stern, Walter, 8/8/99, 12/16/99

Stiller, Ben 9/22/00
Temple, Julian, 9/8/98

Top Gun,  3/1/99
Traveling Light, 1/31/00
Twin Peaks (original), 8/25/98
Vice, The, 10/05/04

Watts, Naomi, 9/26/06
Wood, Ed, 11/12/01
Zoolander, 9/22/00

Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 5: Visual Artists and Their Works

Bowie spent a lot of time visiting galleries in 1998 to 2003, especially in NYC and London. Sailor’s Journals include numerous snapshots of the paintings and artists.

After his death, the estate put many of the works he had bought throughout his years of collecting for auction at Sotheby’s. I think there were several reasons for this. They were doing no good in the vaults. For the younger artists, having a piece that once belonged to David Bowie auctioned at Sotheby’s would be of tremendous benefit to their careers, even more so than having it donated to a museum. They now have a sales history at Sotheby’s and an identity as an artist Bowie collected.

But for the two masterpieces, it’s different. In the journals, Bowie simply answers a fan question that it is true he has a Tintoretto and a Rubens, but doesn’t name them. I don’t know if the Rubens was auctioned. If it is very small, it might have been kept in case of a sudden need for portable wealth, who knows?

This list includes fashion designers and architects.
A.J., 3/29/99
Armitage, Kenneth, 3/10/03
Body Parts, 10/29/98
Boshier, Derek, 5/17/99, 5/9/00
Bowie’s art works: 8/24/98; 9/10/98; Mini Cooper 9/14/98
Branca, Glen, 1/24/99, 5/1/18/01

Brown, Cecily, 2/8/00
Burne-Jones, 3/10/03

Chapman Brothers, 10/22/98
Chalmers, Catherine, 5/9/00
Charles, Michael Ray, 5/17/99, 12/16/99, 10/1/00
Chertavian, Kate [Bowie’s curator/mentor in collecting], 9/5/98 
Cornell, Stephen, 9/14/98, 9/17/98, 9/21/98
Currin,  10/29/98
Dada, 10/29/98; 2/20, 26/99
Dali, 3/10/03

David, Jacques-Louis, 9/16/98
Death of Marat, 9/16/98
De Meuron, Pierre,  9/22/98
Diarchy, 3/10.03
Dix, Otto,  10/29/98
Duffy, Brian, 5/9/00
Eames, Charles,  9/14/98
Eames, Ray, 9/14/98
Eddy, 10/4/00
Emin, Tracy, 3/10/03
Epstein, Jacob, 2/24/99
Fragonard, Honore, 1/27/99

Free Wheelin’ Bob Dylan album cover, 5/17/99
Freud, Lucien, 3/10/03

Garnett, Sandy, 7/30/00
Gleason, Matt, 11/20/98

Goldsworthy, Rupert, 11/20/98
Hamilton, Page, 5/9/00, 5/16/00
Hockney, Peter,3/10/03

Hawkinson, Tim, 10/29/98
Herzog, Jacques, 9/22/98
Hirst, Damien 8/23/98; 9/10/98, 9/14/98, 9/17/98
Hockney, 5/17/99, 8/15/99, 5/9/00, 3/10/03
Hume, Gary, 3/10/03
Horne, Rebecca, 10/29/98
Hunt, Holman 9/6/98

Indoor Flag, 9/16/98
Johns, Jasper,  9/16/98
Jones, Allan, 5/17/99, 5/9/00
Kersel, Martin, 10/29/98
Lanyon, Peter, 5/22/00
Light of the World  9/6/98

A poster of Holman Hunt’s Light of the World was hung, as it was in so many homes at the time, in Bowie’s grandmother’s house.

Loebs, Damian  12/6/00
Longos, 1/18/01
Man Ray, 1/29/99
McQueen, Alexander, 9/5/98, 9/16/98  

Moore, Thurston,  10/22/98
Moss, Kate, 8/31/98
Men in Cities, 1/18/01
Mugler,  Thierry, 1/23/99
Nauman, Bruce,  10/29/98
Nitsch, Rudolf, 8/23/98
Ockenfeld, Frank, 3/29/99

Odd Nerdum, 1/30/00
Ofili, Chris, 10/29/98, 5/17/99
Oursler, Tony, 11/20/98, 1/24/99, 5/16/00
Picabia,  8/24/9;
Picasso,  8/24/98; 9/10/98
Pollock, Jackson,1/9/01
POP, 9/10/98

Rubens, Peter Paul, 3/10/03
Rock Drill, 2/24/99
Rock, Mick, 1/17/01
Rodin, Auguste,  2/24/99
Saville, Jenny, 9/24/00
Schiele, Egon, 9/6/98

Schnabel, Julien, 11/15/1998
Schwarzkogler, Rudolf,  8/23/98

Sensation (Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection show), 9/21/99, 9/29/99
Smith, Paul,  8/31/98
Stuff,  9/10/98
Thurlow,  10/29/98
Tintortteo, Jacopo,* 3/10/03

Turks, Gavin,  9/10/98,  9/14/98, 9/16/98, 10/22/98
Underwood, George, 11/5/02
Union Jacket 1,  9/16/98
Warhol, Andy, 8/25/98
Yoneda, Tomoka, 2/2/00
Young Americans II (Saatchi’s), 9/17/98, 10/29/98

*About the Tintoretto: From Artnet:

“The Angel foretelling Saint Catherine of Alexandria of her martyrdom (late 1570s) was acquired for £191,000 by a European collector during Sotheby’s sale of the late musician’s collection last Thursday. Immediately after making his purchase, the collector announced his plans to place the work on a long-term loan to the Rubenshouse Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, in the hope that there, the piece will be admired by many.

“Through this act of generosity the collector sought to pay dual homage to the remarkable influence that Tintoretto and Venetian painting had on Belgian artist Peter Paul Rubens, and to the legendary musician who formerly owned the work. The gesture is intended to honor Bowie’s life-long love of and generosity towards museums and cultural institutions.”

Corrections are most sincerely welcomed. This project got a little out of hand, shall we say. I am deeply grateful to Noel Barretto for his help in improving Part 1.

Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 4: Places

Galleries, museums, cemeteries, cities, nations, even a zoo: places in Sailor’s Journals.

For the most part, Bowie lived in New York City for the years covered by Sailor’s Journals. Unless Bowie is discussing a specific observation about New York, it isn’t indexed.

Allaire Studio, 5/14/02
Amnesia, Ibiza, 10/29/00
Ashmolean Museum,  9/6/98
Bar Italia, 9/8/98
Basel, Switzerland, 0/22/98
Berlin, 2/20/99, 1/25/00
Bermuda, 8/23/98; 10/16/98; 11/9/98, 11/15/98; 12/15/98; 1/1/99, 7/8/99, 7/13/99
Birmingham, AL, 2/26/99
Bleeker Street, 5/17/99
Brixton (40 Stansfield Rd), 12/23/98; 1/30/03

Bromley, 11/20/1998, 12/23/98, 4/27/2001
Brooklyn Museum of Art, 9/21/99
Cabaret Voltaire, 2/20/99
Catford, 1/18/01
Center for Constitutional Rights, 1/17/00
Chimney Tops, 2/8/00

Chisenhale Gallery, 10/22/98
Chiswick House, 9/12/98
Cimetiere du Montparnasse, 1/29/99
Cimetiere Pere Lachaie, 2/20/99

Coln, Germany, 10/16/98
Contemporary Art Museum Ludwig, Bischofsgartenstrabe 1, Koln, Germany , 10/16/98
Copenhagen, 12/23/98; 11/12/01
Cream, Liverpool, 10/29/00
Dublin, 11/12/01

Dusseldorf,  1/6/00
Eidos, 8/28/98

Electric Factory (Philly), 8/28/98
Florida, 1/9/01
Gasgoian South, 2/8/00

Glastonbury, 5/17/00
Gisborne, 6/18/99
Glen Tonche, 10/15/01, 10/21/01 *
Greenwich Village, 5/17/99
Guatanamo, 1/17/00

Gulbenkian Galleries, 8/15/99
Hiroshima,  7/30/00
Hotel Randolph, Oxford, 9/5/98
Irving Plaza, 5/16/00, 10/15/01

Japan, 7/30/00
Keble Chapel, Oxford,  9/6/98
London, 4/9/98; 5/26/01
London Design Museum 8/31/98;  9/14/98
London Gallery, 9/10/98
Los Angeles, 11/27/98, 2/8/01
Madison Square Garden, 10/4/00, 10/19/01
Manhattan, 1/13/00
Mayfair, London, 2/2/00
Medhursts Department Store, 3/10/99
Metro Pictures, 1/18/01
Mexico, 1/4/01
Milton Keynes, 1/9/01
Montparnasse, 1/29/99

Montreal, 3/29/99
Morocco, 6/14/99
Mud Club on White Street in New York, .2/20/99

Musee Fraggonard, 1/27/99
Museum Ludwig, 10/16/98
New York Academy, 5/4/00; 9/24/00
New York; 8/25/98, 8/28/98; 21st – 25 St., 1/18/01
Nicaragua, 1/17/00
Norton Art Museum, 1/9/01
Oxford, UK, 9/5/98, 9/6/98
Palm Beach(FL)  Zoo, 1/9/01
Paris, 1/19/99
Pitt Rivers Museum,Oxford,  9/6/98
Railway Engine Depot and Signal Box Auf dem Wolf [museum], Basel 9/22/98

RareArt, 5/9/00
Restaurant Formally Known As The Pharmacy, 9/14/98
Ricky Tick Club, 3/12/99
Rotonde on Bd. Raspail, 2/24/99
Royal Academy, 9/10/98
Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, 8/15/99
Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, 11/21/98

Saatchi (London), 9/17/98
Saatchi (New York), 9/21/99
Science museum (Palm Springs, FL), 1/9/01
Serpentine Gallery, 10/29/98

Shakespeare Fine Art, 5/9/00
Shokan, NY 5/17/02
South Africa, 12/6/00

South London Gallery, 9/16/96
Stamford, CT, 7/30/00
Stepney, 12/23/98
St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, 9/22/98

Switzerland, 4/9/98, 12/15/98
Tate Bankside, 9/10/98, 9/22/98, 3/10/99?, 5/22/00
Tibet House, 1/4/01
Times Square, 5/17/99

Tony Shafrazi Gallery,12/16/99, 10/1/00
Toronto, 9/26/99
Vaud, Switzerland, 1/6/00
W. 27th in New York, 8/16/99
Woodstock, NY, 5/14/02

Zelda Cheatle Gallery, 2/2/00
Zurich, 2/20/99

  • There are quite a few pictures of Allaire studio and Glen Tonche on the pages about recording Heathen, many by Tony Visconti 

I think that the index is up to around 400 entries now, and the series is only half through. There are two parts to indexing: terms and pages (or in this case, because I think it is more historically interesting, dates). I haven’t indexed captions, or used the Find command to double check that I have every appearance of a word. The Find command works for finding pages — but you have to know what you are looking for. I suppose there are programs that pull all proper nouns or instances of capitalization, but I didn’t do this that way. If I had it to do over again, between Word crashes on Windows 10 and connectivity failures, I would have done it the old-fashioned way, by hand, on index cards. And I’ve done both.