Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 8: People

Some of these people who I couldn’t figure out where to place likely belong elsewhere; suggestions welcomed.

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Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 7: Performances. And a Caveat.

Sailor’s Journals may seem voluminous from this series of posts. It is not. If you read it straight through it might take 3 hours. So say 6 to write. Six hours of journaling in the 69 years of such a complex man as Bowie simply is not much at all. Like a single cell in the body, perhaps.

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Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 5: Visual Artists and Their Works

Bowie spent a lot of time visiting galleries in 1998 to 2003, especially in NYC and London. Sailor’s Journals include numerous snapshots of the paintings and artists.

After his death, the estate put many of the works he had bought throughout his years of collecting for auction at Sotheby’s. I think there were several reasons for this. They were doing no good in the vaults. For the younger artists, having a piece that once belonged to David Bowie auctioned at Sotheby’s would be of tremendous benefit to their careers, even more so than having it donated to a museum. They now have a sales history at Sotheby’s and an identity as an artist Bowie collected.

But for the two masterpieces, it’s different. In the journals, Bowie simply answers a fan question that it is true he has a Tintoretto and a Rubens, but doesn’t name them. I don’t know if the Rubens was auctioned. If it is very small, it might have been kept in case of a sudden need for portable wealth, who knows?

This list includes fashion designers and architects.
A.J., 3/29/99
Armitage, Kenneth, 3/10/03
Body Parts, 10/29/98
Boshier, Derek, 5/17/99, 5/9/00
Bowie’s art works: 8/24/98; 9/10/98; Mini Cooper 9/14/98
Branca, Glen, 1/24/99, 5/1/18/01

Brown, Cecily, 2/8/00
Burne-Jones, 3/10/03

Chapman Brothers, 10/22/98
Chalmers, Catherine, 5/9/00
Charles, Michael Ray, 5/17/99, 12/16/99, 10/1/00
Chertavian, Kate [Bowie’s curator/mentor in collecting], 9/5/98 
Cornell, Stephen, 9/14/98, 9/17/98, 9/21/98
Currin,  10/29/98
Dada, 10/29/98; 2/20, 26/99
Dali, 3/10/03

David, Jacques-Louis, 9/16/98
Death of Marat, 9/16/98
De Meuron, Pierre,  9/22/98
Diarchy, 3/10.03
Dix, Otto,  10/29/98
Duffy, Brian, 5/9/00
Eames, Charles,  9/14/98
Eames, Ray, 9/14/98
Eddy, 10/4/00
Emin, Tracy, 3/10/03
Epstein, Jacob, 2/24/99
Fragonard, Honore, 1/27/99

Free Wheelin’ Bob Dylan album cover, 5/17/99
Freud, Lucien, 3/10/03

Garnett, Sandy, 7/30/00
Gleason, Matt, 11/20/98

Goldsworthy, Rupert, 11/20/98
Hamilton, Page, 5/9/00, 5/16/00
Hockney, Peter,3/10/03

Hawkinson, Tim, 10/29/98
Herzog, Jacques, 9/22/98
Hirst, Damien 8/23/98; 9/10/98, 9/14/98, 9/17/98
Hockney, 5/17/99, 8/15/99, 5/9/00, 3/10/03
Hume, Gary, 3/10/03
Horne, Rebecca, 10/29/98
Hunt, Holman 9/6/98

Indoor Flag, 9/16/98
Johns, Jasper,  9/16/98
Jones, Allan, 5/17/99, 5/9/00
Kersel, Martin, 10/29/98
Lanyon, Peter, 5/22/00
Light of the World  9/6/98

A poster of Holman Hunt’s Light of the World was hung, as it was in so many homes at the time, in Bowie’s grandmother’s house.

Loebs, Damian  12/6/00
Longos, 1/18/01
Man Ray, 1/29/99
McQueen, Alexander, 9/5/98, 9/16/98  

Moore, Thurston,  10/22/98
Moss, Kate, 8/31/98
Men in Cities, 1/18/01
Mugler,  Thierry, 1/23/99
Nauman, Bruce,  10/29/98
Nitsch, Rudolf, 8/23/98
Ockenfeld, Frank, 3/29/99

Odd Nerdum, 1/30/00
Ofili, Chris, 10/29/98, 5/17/99
Oursler, Tony, 11/20/98, 1/24/99, 5/16/00
Picabia,  8/24/9;
Picasso,  8/24/98; 9/10/98
Pollock, Jackson,1/9/01
POP, 9/10/98

Rubens, Peter Paul, 3/10/03
Rock Drill, 2/24/99
Rock, Mick, 1/17/01
Rodin, Auguste,  2/24/99
Saville, Jenny, 9/24/00
Schiele, Egon, 9/6/98

Schnabel, Julien, 11/15/1998
Schwarzkogler, Rudolf,  8/23/98

Sensation (Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection show), 9/21/99, 9/29/99
Smith, Paul,  8/31/98
Stuff,  9/10/98
Thurlow,  10/29/98
Tintortteo, Jacopo,* 3/10/03

Turks, Gavin,  9/10/98,  9/14/98, 9/16/98, 10/22/98
Underwood, George, 11/5/02
Union Jacket 1,  9/16/98
Warhol, Andy, 8/25/98
Yoneda, Tomoka, 2/2/00
Young Americans II (Saatchi’s), 9/17/98, 10/29/98

*About the Tintoretto: From Artnet:

“The Angel foretelling Saint Catherine of Alexandria of her martyrdom (late 1570s) was acquired for £191,000 by a European collector during Sotheby’s sale of the late musician’s collection last Thursday. Immediately after making his purchase, the collector announced his plans to place the work on a long-term loan to the Rubenshouse Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, in the hope that there, the piece will be admired by many.

“Through this act of generosity the collector sought to pay dual homage to the remarkable influence that Tintoretto and Venetian painting had on Belgian artist Peter Paul Rubens, and to the legendary musician who formerly owned the work. The gesture is intended to honor Bowie’s life-long love of and generosity towards museums and cultural institutions.”

Corrections are most sincerely welcomed. This project got a little out of hand, shall we say. I am deeply grateful to Noel Barretto for his help in improving Part 1.

Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 4: Places

Galleries, museums, cemeteries, cities, nations, even a zoo: places in Sailor’s Journals.

For the most part, Bowie lived in New York City for the years covered by Sailor’s Journals. Unless Bowie is discussing a specific observation about New York, it isn’t indexed.

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Sailor’s Journal Indexed, Part 3: Writers and Publications

More like a half a droplet in the seas than the tip of the proverbial iceberg, here we have the few authors and works mentioned in the brief Sailor’s Journals. There aren’t quite as many authors and books in Sailor’s Journals as you might expect. On the erstwhile bowienet there was a section entirely devoted to books.

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Sailor’s Journals Indexed, Part 2: Songs & Albums

Here’s a list of songs and albums mentioned in Sailor’s Journals.

Many fit into one of several divisions: songs that influenced a young Bowie (the topic of his journal entries for Christmas Week 1998) and those he was working on during the period covered by the journal entries, most notably, those from Hours and Heathen. There are a number of entries covering the composition and recording of Heathen. 

Some titles and mentions, especially those for Toy, are derived from context rather than found in the entry.

Italics are for albums; regular type (yes,without quotation marks) are songs. In the case of Ziggy Stardust, it was usually a toss-up if the song or its album should be indexed.

A Foggy Day in London Town,      8/25/98

Afraid,                                                5/23/02/, 5/27/02

After All,                                            12/23/98

Ascension,                                           1/18/01

Ashes To Ashes,                                12/23/98

Black Tie White Noise,                      11/12/99

Bleed Like A Craze Dad,                    8/28/98

Boys Keep Swinging,                         2/20/99

Break Out,                                           12/26/98

Brown Sound Mix,                             10/29/98

Buddha of Suburbia,                            8/28/98

Cactus,                                                   5/15/02, 5/17/02, 5/22/02

Can I Get a Witness,                             3/12/99

Can’t Help Thinkin’ About Me,          12/26/98; 9/17/99, 1/3/00

Chameleon Chronicles Vol.2,             5/25/00

Come See About Me,                          12/26/98

Cracked Actor,                                     11/12/99

Crazy,                                                      9/27/06

Dance, Dance, Dance                           12/26/98

Diamond Dogs,                                       5/10/00,10/21/00

Directly From My Heart,                     1/10/00

Dogman Go Woof,                                 3/6/99

Earthling,                                                 8/31/98; 9/16/98; 1/24/99

Eighteenth Letter,                                   3/29/99

Epsilon in Malaysian Pale,                    1/6/00

Evening of African Dance,                     2/7/03

Everyone Says Hi,                                  5/16/02

Fabulous,                                                  1/10/00

Fiji,                                                           10/29/00

Fishermans’ Blues,                                10/15/01

Hallo Stranger,                                        3/12/99

Harlem Shuffle,                                     12/26/98

Heathen,                                                10/15, 21,19/01; 11/12/01, 2/1/02, 4/12/02, 5/13/02; 6/8/03

Here’s Little Richard,                            1/10/00

Heroes,                                                   10/4/00, 2/1/02

Heroes,                                                    5/22/02

Hours,                                                     9/26/99

Humming ,                                              12/4/01

I Took a Ride on a Gemini Spaceship,          5/17/02; 5/22/02

I Would be your Slave,                        2/22/02; 5/17/02

I’ve Been Waiting for You,                  5/16-17/02

Inchworm,                                             12/23/98

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore,               12/26/98

It’s Getting Back,                                  12/26/98

It’s So Easy,                                            12/26/98

Jimmy’s Shrinking Song,                      1/3/00

John, I’m Only Dancing,                      2/18/03

Join The Gang,                                    12/26/98

King’s Lead Hat,                                     1/6/00

King’s New Clothes,                           12/23/98

Kissing the Roof of Heaven,               12/4/01

Krautrock,                                               1/6/00

Land of a Thousand Dances,           12/26/98

Let’s Dance,                                  5/9/00, 10/29/01, 2/1/02

Lightning Strikes Again,           2/20/99

Listen With Mother,                 12/23/98

Little Bit Me Little Bit You,       5/25/00

Little Richard 2,                          1/10/00

Little Wonder,                             8/16/99

Lodger,                                          5/17/99, 9/17/99, 5/9/00

Lonely Avenue,                            3/6/99

Low,                                                1/6/00, 5/22/02

Mother,                                          8/31/98

My Way,                                         9/8/98, 9/10/98

Neil Young,                                    5/17/02

Oh For The Wings Of A Dove, 12/20/98

One Fine Day,                              9/27/06

One More Heartache,              12/26/98

Only You,                                   10/29/00

Outside,                                        8/16/99

Penny Lane                                 5/25/00

(Please) Stay,                             12/26/98

Purple People Eater,                12/22/98

Reality,                                        2/6/03; 4/14/03; 6/8/03

Repetition,                                  9/17/99

Right now, right now,              3/6/99

Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust… and the Spiders from Mars, 8/31/98, 9/22/98, 2/20/99, 2/11/00; 11/5/02

See-Saw,                                12/26/98

Seven,                                        5/9/00

Silly Boy Blue,                          1/4/01

Slip Away,                           5/22-23/02

Slow Burn,                              5/16/02

Something in the Air,            9/17/97

Sound Bomb [Burroughs],  10/29/98

Space Oddity,                         10/11/00, 5/22/02, 2/18/03

Station to Station,                    1/6/00

Station to Station,                  5/31/00

Stay,                                            6/8/00

Sunday [Grandaddy’s] ,         7/21/03

Survive,                                   9/26/99, 12/16/99

Sweet Thing,                           5/10/00

Take It With Soul,                12/26/98

The Man Who Sold the World,   2/20/99

There Must Be an Angel,              1/20/00

Thursday’s Child,                  6/16/99, 8/8/99, 8/16/99, 9/26/99

Tin Machine                            9/8/98

Toy,                                           9/28/00, 10/3/00, 10/29/00, 4/4/01, 4/7/01

Turning Japanese,                 9/27/06

Tutti Frutti,                            12/23/98

TVC15,                                      2/20/99

Two Way,                                12/23/98

Ugly Duckling,                        12/23/98

Under Pressure,                       4/12/04

What Kind Of Fool Am I?,     12/26/98

Without You I’m Nothing,    2/18/99; 3/31/99

Young Americans,                  7/30/00

You’re Holding Me Down/I’ve Got A Buzz,  5/25/00

Ziggy Stardust                      9/25/98, 5/17/02